The demand for contactless process and technology in hotels

December 8, 2020

Restricting contact between staff and guests has become a major requirement in 2020 so far. Also, the new generations of guests wanting their experience to be situationally specific to them, and more control over their experiences via their mobile phones have become vital. Besides, the medical condition we have been witnessing since the start of 2020 has only underlined the need for a contactless guest experience that includes online check-in, checkout, keyless room entry, and other services via mobile phone with little or no contact with hotel staff.

It is more important than ever before to capitalize on the popularity of a hotel app and empower guests with the ability to maintain a safe distance without compromising on the quality of the services. Mobile technology not just appeals to every guest’s desire for personalization, but it empowers your executives to serve them better, the way they want to be served. Contactless process and technology will enable the type of environment in your hotel that will make your guests feel empowered with both the distance and functionality they are looking for in a modern hotel stay experience.

Avoiding any type of contact at the payments stage

Payment technology is constantly revolutionizing, which is preferable and just apt during the pandemic when touching surfaces should be minimal. This means enabling a payment platform or a process that is adaptive and scalable and allows guests to make the payment remotely using their mobile phones to reduce contact.

Having the right app for hotels in place to assist with the contactless payment process is what makes the difference here. Prefme that supports online and contactless payment in a more inclusive and cohesive way adds this dimension to the guest experience. It also assists in sharing the invoice or hotel bill online, making the full payment process stress-free and easy.

Empowering staff in redefining their jobs and how they manage the property

When it comes to contactless hospitality solutions for guest bookings, check-in, and services, hotel staff need most of the same things that guests need - ease, simplicity, and distance. Contactless technology means more flexibility on the type of activities in which hotel staff can engage when working. Limited interaction at the front desk to check-in and checkout guests and accept the payments digitally means more time to focus on other tasks that improve the quality of a stay and the value of their work. This can also mean improved response times to valuable guests or a better chance for them to indulge in maintenance checks more frequently around the property or taking care of back-office work.

An application for hotel booking that enables implementing all this easily and quickly will allow hotels in redefining what great guest experience means in 2020 and beyond. Also, it can make staff contribution to the guest experience more proactive, constructive, enjoyable, and overall more meaningful for them. Prefme is one such hotel guest app that allows you to enable contactless process and technology in your hotel with ease and no capital expenditure.

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