The growth of in-app food ordering in hospitality

November 30, 2021

It has become more convenient than ever for guests to do everything via their smartphones, including ordering food. These days, in-app food ordering is becoming increasingly popular across all sectors of the hospitality industry, courtesy; the rise of a contactless era post COVID-19. As technology has simplified the life of everyone, people have become more comfortable with its use. One such ease is ordering through mobile. This has become the future of hotels and restaurants all across the globe.

Don’t you wish to jump on the bandwagon? Want to know how? Here’s what makes this hospitality trend a necessity and how it can be used to a hotel’s benefit.

1) All menus under one tab: What better can a guest get than exploring all possible menus at a restaurant or hotel along with placing an order under one tab? With a digital hospitality tech application, hotels can add their digital menus, making it more accessible to the guests and improving the chance of increasing revenue flow.

2) Reduce confusions and human errors: With a hotel app like Prefme, it becomes way easier for staff to view and keep a track of orders. This also reduces the chances of mixed up order and other such human errors, with that, the guests can also enjoy a seamless, comfortable hands on experience at their fingertips.

3) Smart decisions based on guests’ data: Hotels can gather a pool of information using a mobile ordering platform to know more about guests' behaviours and preferences. The hotels can also discover the most popular f&B item, understand guests’ ordering pattern, payment preferences and a lot more. For example: If the guests have ordered breakfast in the room the last 2-3 times they stayed with you, you can probably offer them some breakfast discount on their next stay for a better experience.

4) Update menu within no time: Most of the hotels keep introducing seasonal menus often. While physical menu updating takes a lot of time, effort, and money, with a digital menu, all you have to do is just, “Upload”! And that’s all. It’s done. In-app menus can be updated within just a few minutes and the frequency of your change isn’t gonna empty your pocket unlike the physical menu! Isn’t this fabulous!

Don’t you wish to equip your property with such an excellent solution? Wondering how to do that? Don’t bother! We, Prefme Partner, are here to help. A one stop hotel app, that lets you bridge the gap between the guests and property. With us comes varied features that will make your staff’s life easy (like Web Check-in with Mobile key, In-room dining, Chat, etc.) and will also increase your revenue flow. All this at no capital expenditure.

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