The Omicron effect: How can hoteliers remain prepared with tech tools

December 14, 2021

The last two years have been extremely challenging for the hotels, travel and tourism industry as a whole. As the COVID-19 restrictions gradually started to ease, a surge in travel was experienced. If you see the trends, most of the people have either already taken trips or are ready with their reservations for this December to refresh themselves. And now with the new variant Omicron in the news, hoteliers are now expected to hold an even higher standard of safety when it comes to their guests’ health and hygiene. The inclusion of contactless technology can be hoteliers’ ally in coping with the new and ever changing demands of the guests, at the same time keeping in mind and delivering what the guests’ expect in such situations.

In the present day scenario, this is how a hotel can benefit from a good hospitality tech tool:

1) Meet guests’ safety requirements- Guests now seek absolute assurance of their safety, and hoteliers in all capacity must address this in order to infuse confidence in the guests so that they don’t worry about the virus or any new variant and see them coming back to the property every now and then. Contactless technology is here to stay for years to come. The new cool features like web check-in, mobile key, in-room food ordering, booking services like spa, poolside dinner and what not online, on smartphones, is the talk of the industry. These technologies not only make operations easy and efficient for hotels but also helps them to meet guests’ safety requirements by reducing unnecessary touchpoints.

2) Offer personalization- Certain hospitality tech tools let the hotels see their guests’ preferences extensively and helps them in providing their guests with a personalized experience including choice of food, preferred beverages, expected services, ideal room amenities etc. This maximizes the chances of a hotel getting repeat bookings and increased revenue flow.

3) Reduce service delivery time- With technological advancements, hotels can now commit their guests to a better and faster service. Earlier the guests used to connect with the front desk, then the desk executive would connect guests to the concerned departments and then the orders were placed. The traditional approach making the guests lose their interest and valuable time which they would have rather liked to utilise in some other activity or maybe just leisure. But with the hotel mobile apps, guests can skip such waits and directly place their orders and bookings with the hotels without any hassle.

4) Establish a seamless connection- Maintaining a personal touch with guests with the help of features like chat can lead the hotels towards establishing a connection with them. While this gives guests a satisfaction of being heard, for hotels it becomes easier to connect with all the guests at the same time, keep a record of their requests and queries and immediately pass on to the concerned department. This established channel of communication is proven to be more effective in terms of efficient and timely delivery of requests and services.

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