The tale of 2021: Major shifts in hospitality industry

July 13, 2021

The recent economic downturn gave hotels the opportunity to rethink and reset their sales and marketing strategies for 2021. There are many factors that are of vital importance to decision makers. The change in market trends and the way travel will be perceived now are the main standpoint for consideration.

Today, we have narrowed down a few major shifts in 2021 that hoteliers should look into to revive the losses and prepare for the future.

1 Increase direct booking to regain control of distribution channels:

As per a trend analysis of 2020, the stats show that about 74.6% of the total nights booked in December 2019 were generated through direct booking channels. The direct channel continues to outperform all other third party distribution outlets. The majority of the hotels which participated in the survey are of the opinion that direct booking will be an important channel in increasing revenue for the coming twelve months and beyond.

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With Prefme, a partner hotel can set up direct booking and thus have a lower cost of acquisition in comparison to bookings through OTA channels. Low-cost affair? Of course! Because no commission is charged, unlike OTAs. This will ensure the maximum profit to the partner hotels.

Tip: Having a direct booking setup can be a real game-changer for hotels in the times to come.

2 Direct interactions with Guests:

Now, more than ever, the guests require clear communication regarding all stages of their travel experience. Also from the standpoint of COVID-19, every guest is enticed to in-time information and clear instructions in their Pre-During-Post stay experience.

For hotels, staying connected with the past and future guests is very critical in these uncertain times. Hotels are likely to promote exclusive offers and benefits to their loyal members throughout 2021.

How can your hotel capitalise this opportunity?

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Prefme Partner is an all-in-one hospitality tech solution that is curated keeping every little hospitality industry detail in mind. It’s imperative in the present time to give personal attention to your guests. All of their queries can’t be answered with a predefined template and hotels need to take note of that. Henceforth, Prefme Partner is the ultimate solution. Once a hotel lists itself as a partner hotel with us, they can access the feature- “multilingual chat”. With multilingual chat, a hotel can entertain guest request 24*7 and most importantly send notifications regarding their Pre-During-Post stay in multiple languages. Isn’t it great?! Don’t let language become a barrier in serving the best hospitality to your guests.

3 Cost-effective sales and marketing strategy:

According to a survey, the hoteliers are strongly focused on optimizing their direct sales channel and therefore a decrease in commission payments to third party channels will be seen. Hotels wish to control their cost and implement effective measures to attract guests and generate revenue.

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Prefme Partner is a new age hotel technology that is working on providing solutions to the hospitality industry. Once you list your hotel as a partner with us, you can exhibit your hotel and make your services displayed worldwide. With Prefme you can reach your target audience directly, without any commission agent involvement.

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