The ultimate guide to prepare for your first travel post lockdown

March 02, 2021

The pandemic put everyone’s travel plans on hold. But, now when the lockdown is lifted and even the vaccine is here to prevent us from COVID-19, we can again get started with our travel plans. If you are also missing traveling and planning to get on a flight soon to explore that amazing travel destination from your bucket list, then go ahead and make your bookings but remember post COVID-19 travelling will be slightly different and accordingly your travel preparation should be.

So, here’s your guide to prepare for your first travel post lockdown

Choose a destination

This is the perfect time for travelers to have a look at their bucket list and do some research to make the next holiday a memorable one. You can do some research to find countries that are open to travelers and list if they are offering some great deals and packages to travelers to boost their tourism after the pandemic. Rest assured there will be tons of wanderlust destinations to choose from.

Leverage the lockdown deal

Not many people are traveling now, but travel companies still need bookings and thus offering great deals to get the same. If you know where you are going and when, go ahead and plan in advance to get an amazing price. With everyone wanting to increase their revenues, many options are available that will not just make your travel amazing but also pocket-friendly.

Get a COVID-19 test done

Though this is not mandatory for most of the places, if you are planning international travel, then you need a negative COVID test. You can do detailed research before you make your bookings to avoid any cancellations or last-moment hassles.

Choose a hotel that provides a contactless guest journey

It is important to follow all the safety measures even when travelling. So, when choosing your hotel make sure that they are not only following the COVID-19 safety measures and hygiene practices but also providing contactless check-in and check-out and online chat support for pre, during and post-stay communication with the hotel staff.

Check if your passport needs renewing

As we were not traveling due to the pandemic, it is important to ensure your passport is valid and doesn’t need renewal. Like if you are planning a trip to Europe then you must know that since 1st January, the rules for trips have changed and now you must have at least six months left on it. So, check it before making any bookings.

Download a hotel app to limit physical contact

Today, a number of hotels are using hotel apps to provide a personalized guest experience. So, with the help of the hotel guest app, you can easily share your eat and stay preferences beforehand with the hotel, so they can plan things according to your likings and requirements.

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