Top 3 trends that will change the face of hospitality industry in 2021

June 30, 2021

Travel and hotel industries have been on a roller coaster ride in recent years. The worldwide coronavirus situation brought hard times along for everyone and the hospitality industry is one of the most severely affected. As the number of vaccinated people are increasing, the world is getting better and people are now all set to travel again. So, what is about to change? The face of the hospitality industry will be driven by changes that are part of the new normal.

We bring to you the top 3 trends that will drive the hospitality industry:

1 Conscious Travel: The world is changing and so is the mindset of people. People want to travel to feel enlightened and transformed. Travel will become much more sustainable as people have started to think about the impacts of their actions on the planet earth. With the COVID-19 situation people have already started to be more conscious about their choices and impacts on nature. And likewise, the travellers will think about their actions after effect. Thus, making much more holistic and eco-friendly choices.

2 Hygiene: Travellers will become far more alert and aware of hygiene while travelling. Any substandard hygiene won’t be accepted anymore. The havoc created by the COVID-19 spread has made guests more conscious and vigilant. To curb the spread of virus norms like social distancing, contactless payments, fumigation, etc. which keeps people safe are to be followed and are expected by the guests as they want to feel safe and secure.

3 Digitalisation: We have all witnessed in the past year the evolution of digitalisation in every manner. Be it online shopping, making payments or otherwise, everything has just shrunk into our smartphones. Hotel industry will also undergo a digital revolution, soon QR codes will replace key-cards, paper menus, etc. and with that digital check-in and check-out will become the new cool. There will be a drastic rise in online payment vs the cash payments.

As the saying goes “Nothing changes if Nothing changes!” The best way to keep up with the changing trends is that every hotel should integrate such hotel tech solutions that make them stand tall amongst other players of the industry.

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