Top Contactless hotel technology trends for 2021

February 02, 2021

Every technological innovation gives an opportunity to the hotel industry to reassess the way they operate and serve their guests. This is when innovative experiences are usually discovered. Some examples include online booking, computerized PMS, and hotel digital key. Today, hotels are again going through a technology update with contactless technology, ranging from online check-ins to guest messaging platforms and applications for hotel booking. The concept of “contactless” is not new anymore, as multiple hotels have already started providing contactless guest experiences to their guests after the pandemic.

Here in this blog post, we will discuss how contactless technology is assisting the hospitality industry today to meet the moment. In today’s time of challenging economic environment and guest uncertainty, 2021 will be exploring new paradigms. It will be a time for hotels to adopt the latest technologies to elevate the travel experience and enhance guest service models. These trends won’t only shape how hotels interact with their guests in 2021 but also how contactless technologies will elevate operational efficiency and enable the hotel industry far into the future.

Trend 1: Using Contactless for real-time guest insights

COVID-19 has increased the demand for contactless experiences across a huge range of service industries. But for the hospitality industry, contactless is not just a way to deliver services but also a great tool to collect real-time guest feedback, leading to better service and more satisfied guests in the future. Apps for hotels enable more instantaneous feedback, allowing hoteliers to make up for shortcomings while the guest is still staying in your hotel. Collecting authentic feedback about the needs of the guests has always been challenging, even before the pandemic. The reality is that most guests don’t call out the hotel staff unless they have a serious concern. According to a report, almost 50% of guests don’t report concerns because there is no easy way to do so, or they don’t like to confront. Besides, according to the same report, 42% of respondents would rebook a hotel if a poor experience was addressed quickly and transformed into a positive one.

Trend 2: Guest messaging will create an omnichannel guest journey

After the pandemic, businesses were forced to adopt contactless services, which assisted them in keeping up with changing guest preferences. Guest messaging helps hotels in improving the service experience, by allowing them to interact with your staff in a more personalized, consistent, and seamless manner. Chat feature of luxury hotel apps assists in delivering personalized and consistent interactions that create a perfect online and offline hotel experience in a streamlined manner. There are hotel apps that present you with a multilingual chat feature allowing you to interact with your guests without any language barrier. Besides, it allows you to keep in touch with your guests, pre, during, and post-stay to make your relationship stronger and more trustworthy.

Trend 3: Personalization and AI will take the guest experience to the next level

As contactless becomes a more necessary part of the travel experience, hotels are required to look for ways to improve themselves and deliver completely personalized services. One option is leveraging automated features. Thoughtful and strategic use of automation can decrease friction at points throughout the guest journey. Also, today hotel apps are available that allow you to know the stay and eat preferences of your guests even before they arrive in your hotel. Knowing what your guests want assists greatly in serving them and ensuring guest satisfaction. By knowing what they would like to eat, drink or how they want their room makes the whole work of your staff super-easy and streamlined.

So, wait no more and opt for contactless technology because a whopping 87% of consumers said they would want to see companies continue to provide options that restrict in-person services. And, when going contactless is so easy with apps like Prefme, why not? Contact us now for a free demo to know more about Prefme.

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