Top Reasons your hotel should offer online check-in to guests

November 10, 2020

Technology has significantly influenced and assisted hotels in managing their day-to-day operations. From online booking to smart rooms, every new technology that can make the work of hotel staff easy is integrated into the systems.

And when it comes to your guests, even their needs and behaviours are rapidly changing, requiring personalized guest experience and engaging services. And more than ever, hotels need to provide them the contactless guest experience to suffice their expectations and convince them that they will be safe.

During a hotel stay, guests want to feel relaxed, comfortable and safe, which is thankfully now very easy to ensure for a hotel with digital contactless solutions like Prefme. This may sound strange, but in a survey, 90% of millennials said that they would prefer online check-in or check-in through a smartphone over slow and lengthy check-in procedures that hotels have been practising since forever.

Mobile check-in empowers the guests by allowing them to check-in at any time before their arrival and upgrade their stay. Besides, it assists in improving your guest relations, creating lasting experiences, and enhancing brand loyalty.

Airlines have been providing the facility to check-in online for years and travellers love that. Without a doubt, it is a handy and quick solution that facilitates both the customers and the company. Similarly, your hotel can introduce online check-in for the benefit of guests as well as your staff.

Here we are listing 5 reasons why online check-in for hotels is a must.


Irrespective of the hotel's target customer (business people, seniors, backpackers, or millennials), everyone wants a quick and hassle-free check-in process. Your guests will love your hotel if you provide them advanced online check-in that will give them access to their rooms in no time.

No check-in queues

When your guests arrive in your hotel, they are usually super tired after their long journey. They find traditional check-in queues annoying and most of them would just want to get in their comfortable and cozy rooms right away. By providing them the facility to check-in online, you provide them a quicker way to start their experience in your property. Besides, it saves the time of your staff and keeps the reception area free and easily accessible by guests staying with you and in need of your assistance.

Improves guest experience

Guest experience starts the time your guests start considering your hotel for their stay. If you feel that your task as a hotel starts when your guest enters your property, then you are mistaken. It starts way earlier and actually never ends. Irrespective of your star rating, your guest experience must start before the guests arrive in your hotel. They should know before their arrival that they will be treated well and complete pleasure and comfort will be ensured. The pre-arrival engagement will assist you to know your guests better so you can make them feel special on their arrival. By providing a straightforward, simple, and easy-to-use technology to your guests, you set the right tone for the rest of their experience with you.

It is another source of revenue

You provide unique services like spa treatments, room upgrades, breakfast, late-checkout, airport pick, and drop to your guests to make their stay super-comfortable and memorable. Research shows that guests are more inclined to book add-ons closer to their date of arrival. The average booking window is 30 days before the arrival date and most guests are not very sure about their travel plans in advance. By showing them your services during the online check-in process, you can create more upsell and cross-sell opportunities for you. This in turn will help in increasing online revenue for your hotel.

Introducing an online check-in to your hotel can be super-easy with Prefme. Prefme is the world's first user-powered universal hotel app that allows your guests to do more than just online check-ins and check-outs. With Prefme, your hotel gets featured to travellers across the globe which helps with more direct bookings. Click here and contact us to discover how to implement this contactless hotel solution in your property.

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