Trends that have changed the course of Hospitality Industry

September 21, 2021

The world has been undergoing a major shift and the hospitality industry is no different. Changes are inevitable and the only way up to success is adapting to these changes and trends. So, here are a few trends that have changed the hospitality industry by leaps and bounds and are here to stay for good in this post-pandemic era.

1. Tech explosion: The majority of travellers today are tech-savvy, independent and prefer using apps and websites for convenience over going the traditional way. In order to perfectly cater to this segment, hotels need to ensure that they are well in sync with these trends and their hotel technology is adaptable and up-to-date too.

2. Catering to millennials demand: With an average of 35 days a year, millennials between the age of 23-38 years seem to be travelling the most. In fact, millennials are the largest generation to date, making up 31.5% of the population. Hotels must plan their strategies based on this figure as they are early adopters of technology; prefer personalized services and are spontaneous.

3. Increased demand for health and hygiene practices: Travellers and guests today are taking full charge of their health and opting for practices that are contactless, time-saving, and don’t make them compromise with hygiene. In response to these, hotels are also expected to amp up their hospitality technology game.

4. Sustainability rules: 55% of global travellers say that they are more resolute than ever to choose sustainable accommodation than they were earlier, but lack of suitable options makes it difficult to put this into practice. Hoteliers must work on making their properties sustainable and adopt conscious practices like removing single-use plastic, monitoring water usage, sourcing food from local farms, etc.

Apart from this real-time damage control, newly defined roles for staff and the introduction of seamless technology are a few more trends that hotels should throw light upon while adopting current industry trends. Well, Prefme is that tech that will help hotels to keep up with the evolving guests' preferences and demands. With options like web check-in/checkout, in-room dining, multilingual live chat, what’s in, eat-stay-fly preferences, mobile key, etc. Prefme is a tech that hotels can totally look at deploying that too with zero capital expenditure.

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