Understanding, creating, and elevating values for guests

January 14, 2022

Guest satisfaction is the key goal for most hotels and one that needs to be maintained. Keeping this in mind, creating values for guests becomes imperative. Now that a lot of people would be looking forward to travelling in 2022, nothing can be better than making their experience worthwhile. Hoteliers need to understand the value that guests perceive and how this can be leveraged. Here are a couple of things that, if taken care of, can get a hotel brownie points from the guests.

1) Understanding where the value lies: The hospitality industry is changing rapidly and so is guest behavior. With the evolving demands, they now expect more from their experiences. The best hotels are not only the ones that offer the most amenities but the ones that provide a personalized, seamless, and contactless experience to each of their guests. Guest experience is one of the most important factors in determining the value for guests. This value comes from providing guests with a better experience, going an extra mile for them, and fulfilling most of their demands. After all, guests prefer hotels that make them feel welcomed and valued overall.

2) How can you provide these values? Any guest would be happy if a hotel would keep up with their expectations. In order to provide value to your guests, it’s imperative to know guests’ preferences, ease up their overall processes with the hotel, and introduce a hospitality technology tool for tech-savvy travellers. These are the set of requests that guests have been leaning towards for quite a time prior to the global pandemic as well, but now have become much more of a demand. Not only will it save the guests’ time and inconvenience, but it will also now make them feel safer and empowered with the right technology. Hotels should access industry-specific smart tools to provide a 360-degree solution to guests’ problems and demands.

3) Determining how these values can be elevated: What determines the value for guests is the sum of all their interactions with the hotel. Right from their first impression to their last actions performed including everything like convenience, quality of service, attitude, and more. What can further elevate these values is constantly staying available for them over a chat window or any other channel. This vastly increases the chances of adding to guests’ happiness quotient and satisfaction. Sharing feedback forms with guests is another way of knowing your areas of improvement and further gives you a chance to identify guests’ expectations and work towards them.

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