Wellness travel trends: Additional opportunities for hoteliers

January 21, 2022

A lot of people have been battling depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. And to fix that, travel has become the new cool answer. Wellness Tourism has emerged as one of the most followed travel trends in the past half a decade. The people who travel to maintain their well-being and for their life satisfaction by experiencing different travel experiences, fall under the category of wellness tourists. Here, when we talk about wellness, it means it has to do everything with quality of life. This entails part-taking in therapeutic experiences like a variety of spa treatments, yoga training, meditation sessions, all of which can aid in mental and physical health rejuvenation.

Types of Wellness Travel Trends

While setting out on a wellness travel journey, travellers often look for stays that make them come closer to their goal of emotional and physical wellbeing. Here is where hoteliers can work upon by taking care of these freshly bloomed demands of travellers. The knowledge of these few travel trends can generate additional revenue opportunities for hoteliers if they jump on the bandwagon.

1) Sustainable travel: The threat of global warming has been looming large on our minds and it’s our collective duty to protect mother earth. Therefore, a lot of conscious people have been adapting to an eco-friendly way of life and so has been the shift in the hotel industry.

Guests often look forward to staying on a property that follows a sustainable approach. For them, it’s a surety that they are in a place that is aligned with their way of living and contributing to the planet.

2) Travel for physical wellness: Physical wellness is not just having a perfect physique or figure rather it’s more about having flexibility, agility, and developing reflexes. Hoteliers can look at this as an additional revenue-building opportunity and can try to offer crash courses for martial art forms that help guests achieve desired physical wellness. Not only this, including activities like mountain climbing, trekking, cycling, or any other sport that helps in physical wellbeing can be a good idea.

3) Travelling for mental wellbeing: Yoga and meditation are the most widely picked up mental health practices across the world. If done amidst nature, these activities can have magical results on human minds and bodies. In a quest to experience serenity and peace, travellers often go far-off places that are replete with nature. That’s when hotels come into play. The hotel can focus on developing a lush green area where guests can sit, relax, and perform these kinds of activities to further ensure mental wellbeing. Travellers might end up booking a longer stay with such hotels that promote the yogic lifestyle.

4) Hygienic Travel: COVID-19 certainly has taught us the real importance of why we say ‘health is wealth.’ And health starts with basic hygiene. So, in these challenging and changing times, only the hotels that would adapt to the understanding of hygiene practices would be preferred by the guests. Hence, hotels must lay emphasis on the importance of having contactless operation solutions for their guests. After all, while talking about wellness travel trends, hygiene can’t be ignored!

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