Your guide to attracting guests with appropriate and appealing content

September 28, 2021

Fancy menu designs, digital listings, and offers are not everything that can captivate your guests’ interest. Have you ever tried analyzing how you describe these in words to your guests?

We all would agree that content has the potential to somehow drive the guests. So, what if we tell you that with the right guidance and analysis you can get this sorted?!

Creating descriptions and names for various experiences that your property has to provide can be a lot tricky and if done correctly can bring in more revenues. Along with brainstorming, it demands a clear understanding too.

But fret not, Prefme brings to you important points that should be considered while curating the content, be it for your website or otherwise.

Follow along as we spill the beans about how you can encourage revenue through making these small yet significant changes.

1. Know your potential guests: When we say knowing your guests, what we mean is keeping in mind their needs, wants, and desires while creating any type of content. Try and ensure that your content highlights your USPs well.

2. Provide your guests with the information they want to know: The best way to impact your guests is by letting them believe in their choice of choosing your property. How would you do that? Definitely by the amazing experience that your property will provide but along with that communicating through other ways like flyers, brochures, emails, messages, etc. can also be taken into consideration. Flooding them with unnecessary information is rather a No, No! Give them the information that they need and not what they might feel like a burden.

3. Enable comparison and provide clear pricing: While planning a trip people like to compare and research the applicable rates via different platforms. To retain your potential guests provide them with comparable rates. As rates have a major impact on a guest’s decision-making, make sure you give them clear comparisons and describe every amenity, service, and experience that they will receive if they choose you. Make their journey simpler!

4. Speak your guests’ language: To make it look fancy or different don’t use words that might confuse your guests. Also, ensure your content is polished and does not have information that is incomplete or has pictures missing, having typos, and absolutely should not have any

Pro tip:

Make your guests’ journey simpler and user-friendly even before they enter the door of your property.

Best Solution:

Integrate your property with digital hospitality tech that allows you to clearly define the information services and experience that your property has to offer. Prefme is the new age hospitality tech solution that allows hoteliers to not only just display their property but also give them a platform to connect with the guests by defining guest’s eat, stay and fly preferences. Enhance the guest experience with this wonderful app and see the surge in your revenues.

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