Your Vaccine Passport Guide 101

June 22, 2021

As the COVID-19 vaccination drive is in full swing, by far a lot of people are either fully vaccinated or have at least taken their first jab. While umpteen people are getting vaccinated at a rapid pace international travel still seems to be a distant dream. Both Indians and the rest of the world are in anticipation that life will eventually get back to normal. Though, eventual normal is full of compliances. Travellers may now require digital documentation that confirms their vaccination and COVID-19 test status. And this very document would be called a COVID passport or a Vaccine Passport.

Vaccine Passport at a glance

It is basically a digital document, much like a certificate that will provide information about holders’ COVID-19 vaccination status. Since it would help people grant access for travels just like any other passport, this has been named a Vaccine Passport. You can “physically” be present, the vaccine passport will prove that you are a “safe” person and therefore eligible to enter the city or country.

Helpful? Here’s How.

The vaccine passport will help:

To develop verifiable, secure, and credible digital records of immunization

In establishing that a person is safe, meaning no mandatory quarantine requirements to adhere to.

Information available on the Vaccine passport

COVID credentials

Vaccination status

Latest test result

COVID-19 recovery status (applicable for people contracted earlier)

Benefits of a Vaccine Passport

The Vaccine Passports are a proposed way of making the decision of kickstarting the tourism again more comfortable and vigilant by the government, citizens as well as travellers. If a methodized and comprehensive pass materializes, it will put an end to carrying physical documentations.

Other benefits include:

People will be marked safe, henceforth no need to follow mandatory quarantine requirements

The government will allow in bypassing travel restrictions

Many countries will provide relaxation in the requirement of a COVID-19 negative test report

The downside of a vaccine passport

The vaccine supply globally is quite limited and that might lead to a shortage and therefore, a major chunk would still fall under the category of “non-vaccinated”. The “Non-vaccinated” category will have two bifurcations;

People with existing weak immune systems, allergies with vaccine components or prior health conditions; and people who are medically not advised to take a jab, like pregnant ladies, etc.

People who couldn’t receive a jab due to a shortage

This situation will not be healthy as it would create bifurcation and several people will be prohibited from travelling and accessing resources and facilities. This might also heighten the inequalities for others.

Is it mandatory?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently against making Vaccine Passports mandatory. According to WHO, a lot of ethical and practical considerations are to be looked into before taking any call.

Impact on Hoteliers

The impact can be either positive or negative. On one side where it will help the hotels to manage and mitigate the coronavirus as the guests and staff both will be protected. On the other side the logistics and compliances will be a nightmare as there is no sorted way to categorize guests given their medical restrictions to take the vaccine shot.

What should a Hotelier do?

Since there is no straight answer to this question, hoteliers should focus on attracting the guests and the staff members through incentives on getting vaccinated. Before introducing Vaccine Passport as a mandatory document the current scenario requires every hotel to amp up their hospitality tech services. Hotels can also prepare themselves to go completely digital using platforms like Prefme Partner for a fully automated and contactless guest experience. Prefme is the new age hospitality tech solution that is the latest way forward in this uncertain environment to bring guests confidence and loyalty towards the hotel. It is an all-in-one hospitality solution that lets the hotels provide contactless, hyper-personalized, safe, and secured services enhancing the guests’ experience throughout their Pre-During-Post stay and that too without any capital expenditure.

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