Updated as on : September 15, 2020



The admin who manages the entire Prefme Partner Panel, the staff members of the partner and all the members of the Connect chat team can download and use the Prefme Partner app.
The admin who manages the Prefme Partner Panel can add new sub-users to the partner system through User Management feature. This generates a login credentials which can be provided to the staff member to sign up for the Partner App.
When a staff member loses the device installed with Partner App, then in that case the member needs to contact the admin who can disable the access rights for the respective sub-user from the Partner Panel. The staff member can then be allotted a new device with new credentials for using the Partner app.


The access rights to Multilingual Connect platform are allocated using the Prefme Partner Panel by the admin. So, depending on the requirements in the hotel property specific staff members are given rights to access the chat platform.
Using the add user icon at the top right of chat screen, the operator or one-point connect staff can add the other staff members having Connect access rights like chef, concierge, housekeeping staff, etc. to an ongoing chat with a guest.
The staff members who are authorized to use the Connect platform can utilize the Staff Chat tab in Connect for internal chats with other staff members.
You can swipe right the text you want to convert in your app language during the chat. Through the swipe right feature the translation happens in the language in which your app language has been set. To translate to other languages, you must first tap on the text on the chat screen and then a list of language is displayed, then, you can select the language to be translated into.
The icons displayed on top right of the partner chat depicts the role of the partner staff who has typed the message. The icon that appears after swiping right, next to the text, converts the text back to previous language.
There are 3 tabs for the partner in Connect and they are –
  • New Request – This displays the list of chat requests that the partner or staff has received from the guests. The partner or staff can Accept or Decline the request.
  • Guest Chat – Here, the partner or staff can view the ongoing chats with various guests and can continue answering queries to a specific guest.
  • Staff Chat – This displays the internal chats that the partner or staff has with various staff members.

Preference View

The rights to view guest preferences on Partner App are given to sub-users by the partner admin on the Prefme Partner Panel through User Management feature. So, the rights to view guest preferences will be given to any staff member depending on the responsibility and the accorded role.
If you are given the access rights to view guest preferences, tap on the Preferences tab at the bottom of the app and enter the Prefme Number for any guest, whether the guest has arrived or not, to view the preferences of the guest.


When you click on the Home tab at the bottom panel, you can view the Dashboard which displays the Upcoming Guests and Checked-in Rooms tab.
You can view details of the guests who are going to check-in soon including the room number, expected check-in and expected check-out time. You can click on any guest widget and view the primary guest, accompanying guests, room checklist or pickup details.
Here you can view the details of the rooms to which guests have checked in. On clicking the room widget, you see details of the guests in the room and can view their preferences or chat with them through Connect.


The Analytics tab provides you important statistics and analysis related to 3 areas which are Room Service or Housekeeping, Front desk or Concierge and Chef-related analytics.
Once you select the Room service or Housekeeping Analytics, you need to specify the Floor Number for which you want to see the statistics. You can view the total number of rooms for –
  • Room Type – Non-Smoking, Smoking rooms
  • Room Temperature – Standard, Cold, Warm, No Air-Conditioning
  • Bed Preferences – King, Queen, Twin
  • Mattress Firmness – Soft, Firm
  • Pillow Preferences and Firmness
  • Sleep Side – Left, Right
  • Newspaper Preferences
  • Television Preferences
  • Music Preferences
  • Room Fragrance – Fresh, Floral, Oriental, Woody, No Fragrance
  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Others – Cultural Interests, Sports & Games, Well-Being
  • Accessibility Preferences
Chef Analytics displays the comprehensive snapshot of preferences of all the checked-in guests and the number of guests in each category such as number of Lacto-ovo-vegetarians based on inputs for the Dietary Regime, and other than that it shows Top Preferred cuisines, spice levels, Top restricted items, Dietary health concerns, Breakfast and Beverage preference statistics.
Today’s Statistics provides you information on room occupancy using which you can streamline your operations. Following are the statistics provided to you in Today’s Statistics:
  • Checked-in Rooms – This gives the total number of rooms in the hotel that have been checked-in today.
  • Checked-in Guests – The total number of guests that have checked-in into the hotel today can be viewed here.
  • Checked-out Guests – The total number of guests that have checked-out of the hotel today can be viewed here.
Apart from the total number of rooms and guests displayed for Checked-in Rooms and Checked-in Guests, following information fields are shown –
  • Guest Name plus the number of companion guests
  • Prefme Number of the guest (NA means guest is not a Prefme member)
  • Room Number


Tap on the Profile tab on the Prefme Partner app, to access your notifications. To get more information about a notification, tap on that notification and you can read the details. Once you tap on a notification, the delete button appears next to it, which you can tap to delete the notification.