Updated as on : September 15, 2020



You are required to enter your personal information only at the beginning when you start building your profile. This information is required so that Prefme Partners can serve you efficiently without wasting your time for routine procedures. The importance of each Profile field has been highlighted in the ‘information (i)’ label so that you understand why it is required.
Your passport details are required to make your pre-check-in process hassle-free and effortless for international travels. Once you have uploaded your passport on Prefme app, you can share this to Prefme hospitality partners using OTP verification and your check-ins can be extremely convenient. You can be completely secure about your data, which you can make completely private in the settings.
You might travel many a times with your family and would be required to share details including identification for all members. Thankfully, you don’t have to share their details again and again to hospitality partners once you have shared the details on Prefme. It is our assurance that none of the personal information is shared with anybody, unless you authorize it.
Certain highly personalized services can be efficiently delivered by our Prefme Partners only if your Physical Attributes are known. Please make sure that you fill your Physical Attributes accurately, so that you enjoy the services with complete luxury and comfort.

General Questions

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an important regulation that has been in effect from May 2018 in the European Union (EU) and it concerns the data privacy and protection of EU users while using digital platforms. Yes, the Prefme app is GDPR compliant and no data that you submit or upload on the app is shared with any third-party or global hospitality partner of Prefme without your consent.
The Prefme app does not transform into hotel app, but adopts the hotel theme once you check-in. You can view all the services that the hotel provides through the hotel themed Prefme app and can request to book service of your choice.
When you pre-check-in with any Prefme hospitality partner, there is a message on the dashboard related to your checkin. However, when you have stayed with a Prefme Partner recently and haven’t pre-checked-in anywhere else, there is message related to your last stay and check-out.
Prefme number is a 9-digit number that has been assigned to you when you downloaded the app and created your profile. It is a unique number on the Prefme system for every app user and it is your unique identifier that helps hospitality partners to search your profile.
You cannot book and make payment for services directly through the Prefme app. However, you can request to book services from a Prefme hospitality partner such as hotel, restaurant, cruise or airline, but you don’t have to make any payment at this stage. The Prefme Partner takes note of your request and gets in touch with you immediately.
In case you do not find any services listed by a hospitality partner, you can utilize Prefme Connect to directly chat with the staff and enquire about the services.
Prefme Partners are hospitality partners such as hotels, restaurants, cruises or airlines that are associated with the Prefme platform. Prefme Partners give a lot of importance in providing high-end curated services for a memorable experience. When you engage with any of our Prefme Partners, we assure you a hassle-free travel experience and privileges around the globe. You can search the hotel of your choice by using the Partner tab at the bottom of the app, and by typing your chosen hotel name in the Search bar.


Using the online pre-check-in feature, you can find a room of your choice based on the matching preferences before it gets occupied. To avoid long check-in queues at busy hotels and for a hassle-free travel experience around the globe, you can use pre-check-in to check-in with Prefme Partners even before you arrive. With this, you can check-in at your convenience and avoid routine procedures. Your pickup details are conveyed to the partner during pre-check-in and you are notified if it has been accepted.
You may or may not be charged for the pickup. This completely depends on the hospitality partner with whom you have booked your stay or services. Please confirm with the partner about the charges before requesting for pickup. You can enquire through Connect about this.

Multilingual Connect

Yes, you can use Prefme’s Multilingual Connect to chat with the staff of hospitality partner directly. You can ask your queries even before or after the stay.
Using Prefme’s innovative Connect, you can stay in touch with hospitality partners at all times, pre, during and post stay. Connect is a multilingual chat platform that allows you to enquire about your queries from any department of the Prefme Partner. You can get your queries and requests answered promptly using Connect, and that too in your native language.
Connect is a chat platform where you can get connected to the staff of a Prefme Partner and ask your queries. You can find the Connect button for a partner on partner profile which can be viewed from the Partner tab. This is a multilingual chat platform and you can swipe right the text on the chat screen for translations.
The language translation in Connect is powered by Google. So, all translations that Google supports are possible. Through the swipe right feature the translation happens in the language in which your app language has been set. To translate to other languages, you first tap on the text on the chat screen and then a list of language is displayed, then, you can select the language to be translated into.

Stay Preferences

When a room is allotted to you, it is based on the Stay preferences and amenities you select. It depends on the Prefme hospitality partner whether there are extra charges or not. So, depending on the cost and type of room, all the amenities may or may not be provided to you. However, you are allotted the best matching available room based on your preferences.
You are suggested the best-matching room by the partner based on your preferences and availability. It is not a mandate that all your preferences would be served in the suggested room. At the time of room suggestion during pre-check-in, the app clearly mentions that the room amenities and preferences you selected are available or not, along with an overall match percentage. You can accept the suggested room or can request to allot another room for you.
If you really want a specific amenity in your room which is not there in the suggested room, then do not accept the room during pre-check-in and request for another room. Additionally, mention the reason why you want a different room and specify your comments.

Eat Preferences

Below the list of items in Eat preferences, there is a button named as ‘Suggest a new category’, which you can use to suggest the item of your choice that is missing in the list.
There might be certain food categories, items or beverages that you might not be aware of while specifying your Eat preferences. This is an exhaustive list provided to you keeping in mind the diverse set of users who are on Prefme app. For more information about any item, you just have to long-press that item row or the text itself.
The list of your Dietary Restrictions is an important information that you provide to us. We share what your dietary restrictions are with our Prefme hospitality partners, whenever you book services or stay with them. So, next time when you travel or stay with any of our hospitality partner, they make sure that any restricted item is not included in all food items and dishes you consume. This way, you are completely safe from any food allergy.

What’s In

What’s In is an advanced food scanning feature that gives you the entire list of ingredients when you scan the QR code of a food item or dish, and lets you know if it is suitable to consume. You can use this feature by going to the What’s In tab at the bottom of the Prefme app, and then scan Prefme QR or barcode. This is an extremely easy-to-use and informative technology for the modern age.

Security Pin & Group Check-In

You can use the Security Pin when you travel with one or more people for making a pre-check-in request, or to register your spouse in your Prefme Profile. Security Pin is a four-digit number generated by the Prefme app, and you can change this pin when you want.
Whenever you are traveling with a group of people, then you can retrieve your check-in details by entering the Group Check-in ID and Pin. So, when there are more than one people traveling, a pair of Group Check-in ID and Pin is generated against a Booking ID, which the guests can utilize to retrieve check-in information.

Loyalty Card

With so many brands in the market and numerous loyalty programs, it becomes difficult for you to carry and manage all loyalty cards in your wallet every time, resulting in missing out on some attractive offers and privileges. Prefme provides you a fast and convenient solution of viewing and managing all loyalty cards at one place i.e. your Prefme Loyalty Card wallet, so that you never miss out on any rewards.
To save your loyalty card, tap on the Card tab at the bottom of the app and add a new card. You need to select the card company name, upload card front and rear image, and fill-in the card information. After clicking on Add button, the new card gets added to the Loyalty card wallet with your other cards including the cards issued by Prefme Partners.