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Let the hotels know your preferences
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Personalised Experiences

Set all your eat & stay preferences in the Prefme App and share with a single tap to get personalised hotel stay & dining experience.

Eating Preferences

Share your dietary regime, food restrictions & allergies, preferred cuisine & beverage preference for a seamless dining experience globally.

Stay Preferences

Share your room & bed preferences with preferred pillow, mattress type, room temperature & more in advance to get a personalised stay experience.


World’s first universal hotel app
empowering you with the travel of future

Digital Pre Check-in/out

Pre check-in to hotels from your phone, make a room choice by viewing room pictures, share Digital ID and avoid check-in queues. Unlock your hotel room using the mobile key, review bills, make payments and proceed with express checkout.

Book Hotel Services

Browse through the list of Prefme Partner hotels globally and pre-book services such as spa, yoga, water-sports with best offers before you check-in.

Chat with Hotel Staff

Get your queries answered by hotel staff or request housekeeping in your preferred language. Also, request for your special needs before reaching a hotel and even after checkout.

In-room Ordering

Avoid the physical menu and crowds at hotel restaurants by using in-room dining facility through digital food menu and ordering on the Prefme app.

Digital Loyalty Card Wallet

Avoid the hassle to carry multiple loyalty cards by saving them with Prefme wallet. Never compromise on loyalty program benefits. No physical cards or lengthy form filling for new program sign-up.

New features

Know ‘What’s In’ your food with
QR food ingredients scanner

Check if you should consume a food item basis your dietary preferences at any hotel or restaurant through food QR scanning. Avoid any food-related emergencies and allergies while maintaining your dietary restrictions.

  • Avoid Food Allergies & emergencies
  • No more asking for food ingredients to staff
  • No more explaining your dietary preferences

How It Works?

The Power of Prefme Number

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Download the app for free from Play Store or App Store.

Create Prefme Profile

Create your profile with a unique Prefme Number and add your Eat, Stay & Fly preferences.

Share With The World

Share your profile, preferences or Prefme Number to Partner hotels to personalize stays.

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